Anyone who remembers the B-36 will most likely remember it for the unforgettable sound that it made.  It had a distinctive droning roar that was a result of the RPM's of each of the six Pratt Wasp Majors being manually synchronized  within a few revs of the others.

The slight difference of speed produced harmonics of the individual engine's and prop's audio spectral outputs, and the 19 ft. pusher props would "slap" the slipstream trailing from the wings.

This beast would actually rattle windows as it flew overhead at 30,000 feet!  (Stealth was not an issue with this big can of Whup A...)

An 8-bit stereo .wav file of a B-36B flying overhead is provided here for your listening pleasure.  It was found about three minutes into the start of the movie "Strategic Air Command", starring James Stewart and June Alyson.

This file is 666Kb, so while it is downloading you will have time to route your computer's audio output to your stereo system.  Add a small amount of reverb and crank it up.  The full effect will be achieved at about 20,000 watts/channel, or at a level where breathing becomes difficult.




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