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In the Fall of 1960 while addressing the U.N. General Assembly, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev pounded the podium with his shoe and yelled to Western leaders "We will bury you!".  Why did he do this?   Some think he was using his shoe to tap the beat of Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel playing in his earphone.  Others believe he was only venting his frustration of having his goal of European dominance kept in check during the previous ten years by the U.S. Strategic Air Command and their mighty B-36 Peacemaker bomber.

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On this page can be found links to many excellent websites that contain information about the Consolidated Vultee (Convair) B-36 bomber.   Included are personal and commercial websites created and maintained by individuals, aviation museums and military and veteran groups. Also included are links to discussion boards, resources for books and memorabilia, model building, and B-36 Flight Simulators.  If your favorite search engine can't find what you're looking for, just look here.  These links will open in a new browser window leaving this page available for additional reference.

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Surviving B-36 locations:

NMUSAF   National Museum of the United States Air Force

Castle Air Museum   Castle Air Museum

PIMA Air & Space Museum   PIMA Air & Space Museum's acquisition of the Last B-36 built by Convair

Strategic Air Command Museum   SAC Museum

Walter Soplata   Walter Soplata's Junkyard


Military and Veteran Groups:

7th Bomb Wing B-36 Association   7th Bombardment Wing B-36 Association (Includes 11th Bombardment Wing)

28th Bomb Wing   28th Bombardment Wing

40th Bomb Wing's XC-99 page   40th Bombardment Wing's XC-99 page

72nd Strategic Reconnaissance/Bombardment Wing      72nd Strategic Reconnaissance/Bombardment Wing

91st Strategic Recon Squadron   91st Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron

92nd USAAF-USAF Memorial Association   92nd USAAF-USAF Memorial Association

95th Bomb Wing, Biggs AFB.   95th Bomb Wing, Biggs AFB, El Paso Texas

7th Bomb Wing B-36 Association   436th Bombardment Squadron

492nd Bomb Squadron   492nd Bombardment Squadron

               Edwards Air Force Base

               Fairchild Air Force Base

Strategic Air Command Monument project at Carswell AFB  Strategic Air Command Monument project at Carswell AFB

Strategic Air Command Monument project at Carswell AFB   B-52 Association

B-36 specific websites:

6Turning and 4 Burning   6 Turning and 4 Burning

Aircraft Museum

American Postwar Aircraft   American postwar aircraft

               Aviation Enthusiast Corner

B-36 Peacemaker Museum Inc.   B-36 Peacemaker Museum

               B36 Bomber And Her Days in Japanese.

Joe Baugher   Joe Baugher's Encyclopedia of American Military Aircraft

Save the Last B-36   Save the Last B-36   by Corrie Bergeron

John Henderson's B-36 page   John Henderson's B-36 Page

               John Klier's photos of B-36 crash site on Franklin Mountain, El Paso, Texas

Tom Hildreth's B-36 page   Tom Hildreth's B-36 Page

Why Not Tulsa?   History of Convair in Texas

Brian Lockett's B-36 Website   Brian Lockett's B-36 Website

Donald Maxion's B-36 stories   Donald Maxion's Convair Flight Test Engineer Page

Lt. Col. Ted Morris' memories   Lt. Col. Ted Morris'(ret) "Flying the Aluminum and Magnesium Overcast"

Norden Bombsight   Norden Bombsight

   Nukes !!       Nuclear Weapons Specialist's Homepage

Don Pyeatt's B-36 website   Don Pyeatt's B-36 Website

RAF Greenham Common   Jonathan Sayer's "RAF Greenham Common"  (A Cold War B-36 base in England).

Walt Shiel   Walt Shiel's B-36 Peacemaker

Booneville Arkansas Airport   Booneville Airport Website by Doug Simmons, a former B-36 mechanic.

                Larry Westin's Consolidated/Convair photo page


Forums/Discussion Groups:


B-36 Discussion Forum


Books and Multimedia:


History of B-36 video   B-36 History one-hour NTSC DVD video disk. Much Convair color footage.

          Historical Nuclear Weapons Test Films from DOE

Strategic Air Command VHS video      Strategic Air Command starring James Stewart from

B-36 Photo Scrapbook   B-36 Photo Scrapbook by Dennis R. Jenkins, Mike Moore and Don Pyeatt from

  B-36: Saving the Last Peacemaker Third Edition by Don Pyeatt from
      ProWeb Fort Worth.  Now Available.

   Cold War Peacemaker by Dennis Jenkins and Don Pyeatt from

   Convair B-36 by Meyers Jacobsen and Scott Deaver from

   Convair B-36 "PEACEMAKER" by Dennis Jenkins from

   Convair B-36 Photo Chronicle by Meyers Jacobsen from

  Flying Aircraft Carriers of the USAF: Project FICON by Brian Lockett

   Magnesium Overcast by Dennis R. Jenkins from

   Pictures from Baikonur by William B. Trescott from

               Flying with Walter J. Boyne   (Not a B-36 website but Walter Boyne is a great supporter and fan of the B-36.)


Models and Modeling:


Huge model !!   James Anderson's 1/12 scale RC B-36 "City of Ft. Worth".

               Tim Davie's giant RC models website. (Movies of flying B-36 models).

               Ken Duffey's GRB-36D FICON conversion.

   Evergreen RC Modeler's Association.  A flying 200" Radio Controlled NB-36H.

Hobby City Auckland NZ    New Zealand's first RC B-36.

   Roger Layton and his magnificent B-36.

   Brian Lockett's review of the Hobbycraft FICON GRB-36D/RF-84K model kit.

   Revell-Monogram, home of the giant 1:72 scale plastic B-36 kit.

                HpH Ltd.  An enormous 1/48 scale B-36.  A bit pricey at around $3900.00 USD, but BEAUTIFUL!

   Richard Marmo's review of three new B-36 kits in 1:144 scale by Hobbycraft Canada.

   Helmut Scherer's scratchbuilt XC-99.  A 1/48 scale vacuformed XC-99.  AWESOME!!

                Tulsa Glue Dobbers movie of a Radio Controlled B-36 in flight. (Approx. 800Kb)


Aero Art:

XB-36 First Flight    XB-36 First Flight by Convair artist signed by Beryl Erickson

   Six Turning and Four Burning by Mike Machat from Air Art Northwest.

   Raymond Paul Moats, American Illustrator from


Nuclear Propulsion:

   Brookings Institute


13 April 1949.  Photo by Lt. Col Frank F. Kleinwechter, Jr. USAF (ret)
Photo by Lt. Col Frank F. Kleinwechter, Jr. USAF (ret)


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